Judas Kissing Jesus

Judas Iscariot was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus. He’s best known for betraying Jesus by smooching him. This ID’ed Jesus to the cops who swooped in for the arrest (all in a day’s work for Jerusalem’s finest).

Judas had been paid in silver coins for putting the finger on Jesus. Two Bible authors appear to blatantly contradict each other about what happened next.

In one version of the story (Mat 27:5) Judas is feeling terribly about what he did. He goes back to his financers, throws those nasty coins down, and goes off to commit suicide by hanging himself. Afterwards, the chief priests decide to buy a field with that money for burying foreigners (hopefully after they had passed on).

In another version of the story (Act 1:18) Judas doesn’t return to throw down the coins and he doesn’t commit suicide. He keeps the money and instead *he* buys the field with it, not the chief priests.

The author of Acts is very sparse on the details, but apparently Judas trips on something while skipping along in his new field and falls headfirst onto some sharp objects, gashing out his stomach and redistributing his vital organs back to nature.

Not so much a suicide as a terrible accident.

Apologetics try to reconcile the contradictions by ignoring the problem with who bought the field. Clearly one says Judas and the other, the Chief Priests. Instead they claim that Judas was a waffler, a flip-flopper who couldn’t make up his mind about how he felt about his betrayal. In their explanation Judas took the money, then he felt badly so he returned the money, and (what the Bible doesn’t tell you) he started feeling OK again (possibly after seeing his therapist?) and returned to gather up those nasty coins he had thrown down to buy the field (why couldn’t he have been a strong steady betrayist?)

Some apologetics then claim that Judas hung himself from a tree next to a hill on his ill gotten property and when his rope eventually broke, they have him cart wheeling down the slope to conveniently explain his stomach gushing.

Some apologetics however do away with the hill and have Judas simply hurling himself onto a huge spike which they claim was the standard method of “hanging” in his day. This turns Judas into a Shish Kabob which they assert solves the hanging vs. innards dilemma.

This just goes to show that if people are willing to jump through enough hoops they can rationalize just about anything that would spoil their day.