Dinosaurs trying to board Noah's Ark

A long time ago, but not as long ago as scientists say, God decided to drown everyone on earth because men and women were wicked in heart and their thoughts were continually evil and primetime TV hadn’t been invented yet to capitalize on all of it.

But Noah found favor with God because other than his drinking problem, Noah was squeaky clean. Also Noah had a large family who were all very fertile and full of love so God knew they could repopulate the whole earth in no time.

So God told Noah that even though he was going to kill all of the humans, he wanted to save the skunks, the houseflies, the sharks, the rattlesnakes, the scorpions, the spiders, etc… so Noah was to build a large Ark and march millions of species onboard from all over the earth so they will be saved from the flood.

Noah asked God, “what about the fish?” God said, “they can swim.” Noah said, “but if the flood is fresh water, all of the salt water fish will die.” “If the flood is salt water, all of the fresh water fish will die.” God said, “Shut up.”

So Noah and his sons built the ark and marched every species on earth aboard in pairs and sevens. Then God flooded the earth and Noah watched the bubbles come up as all the men, women, children, and babies sank beneath the water and drowned. Glub, glub…

Months later the ark landed in some mountains in a place where thousands of years later people keep seeing it, but no one has managed to take a decent picture of it.

The End…