A long time ago a man who had attempted to lead an uprising of the Jewish people against their Roman dominators was executed. As this person died on the cross something very strange happened:



(imagine music from Dark Shadows, or the X-files if you are from generation X)

(Mat 27:50 NRSV) Then Jesus cried again with a loud voice and breathed his last.
(Mat 27:52 NRSV) The tombs also were opened, and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised.

So many tombs opened up and dead people came back to life. Supposedly they just sort of hung out for a few days doing zombie stuff until…

(Mat 27:53 NRSV) After his resurrection they came out of the tombs and entered the holy city and appeared to many.

So after the resurrection, dead people who had been hanging out in their tombs for days came walking out into the streets for everyone going about their daily lives to see.

(This is actually in the Bible)