God running away from the 'lit' Big Bang

Did God light the fuse of the Big Bang?

Some have tried to fit the first creation account in Genesis chapter 1 into modern cosmology.

Seems natural enough. “Let there be light” could be the Big Bang. Each of the six days of Creation could actually have been billions of years.

There’s what seems like an upward “evolution” in the order of creation of living things that seems correct. Plants, lower to higher animals, then people.

But let’s take a closer look at what Genesis actually says.

From the get go there are problems. In the first two verses, Heaven and Earth are created. This is before the “let there be light” command which is supposed to be the Big Bang. According to theory, there was no space before the Big Bang for the Earth to exist in any type of shape or condition. Space itself expanded after the Big Bang.

In verse 5 God is separating light from darkness which one might interpret as something in the unfolding of the universe except that the Bible has God calling the light day and the darkness night and then there’s an evening and a morning. This would indicate that this is the Earth rotating and being lit from something other than the Sun (created “Genesis days” or billions of years later) which contradicts the theory of solar system formation which has the Earth and the Sun forming at the same time.

In verse 11 God creates the plants before the creation of the Sun which seems like a huge problem since plants obviously evolved to perform photosynthesis from sunlight.

Also the Bible has trees being created before “swimming creatures.” “Swimming creatures” or marine animals evolved in the oceans long before any life (including trees) began populating the land.

In verse 16 God finally makes the Sun, the Moon, and the stars. But dating of rocks from the Moon shows that the Moon and the Earth are virtually the same age. The Earth is not billions of years (or four “Genesis days”) older than the Moon.

Also all elements other than hydrogen and helium were created by the deaths of stars, yet the Bible has the Earth, land, water, etc… billions of years before the stars are even created.

Actually the Genesis chapter one creation story seems more in line with a much older Babylonian creation myth called “Enuma Elish,” at least as far as the order of creation in Genesis and the Enuma Elish’s “generation of gods.” Also similar is the dividing of Tehowm (Genesis waters or “deep”) into two with a sky dome or “firmament” and the slicing of the water snake “Tiamat” (Enuma Elish) into two.

It’s thought that the Genesis version was likely derived either from Enuma Elish or a similar older creation myth.